The RV Series- Getting Ready to Roll

We’re on the countdown to wheels rolling with just two more days in Newport Beach.   It’s been the best month.  I’ve fallen hopelessly in love with my granddaughter and have loved snuggling her newborn brother.

PopPop Dave and I babysat Miss Sunny this morning while her parents and baby brother Ace ran some errands.   She is talking so much and even when I don’t quite understand what she’s said I can usually figure it out.    Her words are so cute, and her little voice just melts my heart.   She has learned the dogs’ names and likes to look at their pictures on my phone, but she is not so sure about them in person yet.   She loves the Minnie Mouse face on my Apple watch ( “mimmie!) and gives it kisses.

FullSizeRender (23)

It will be hard to leave here on Sunday morning.   Knowing we’ll be back in a month and then here until April will help, so I’m going to focus on the four weeks of adventure we’ll be having and try not to think about how much I’ll miss that little face.

Our first stop will be the Palm Springs area for a couple of days before we head for the White Mountains in Arizona.   At the beginning of August, we’ll spend two weeks in Las Vegas.

Then it will be time to come back, pack up the things we’ll need for our seven months of beach bumming ( flip flops and a hat) and prepare for the next chapter.

Bella-BOW is going to be in storage for those months, but we’ll get her out for a short trip now and then.

Though I haven’t told you any wild stories about our week here in Newport Dunes, if you read the first RV Series at all, you’ll remember me being amazed by the amount of “stuff” people unload from their RV’s.

I’m still amazed and have spent some time this week watching people come and go.   Imagine a tiny clown car unloading 10 people, twelve chairs, a table, an outdoor kitchen, a firepit,firewood, strings of lights, fluttery flags and banners and fence tchotchkes (defined as any doo-dad that can be hung on a fence, and I do mean ANY doo-dad, there is a giant blow up bird on a site here).   Then just run that tape in reverse, and they pack it all back in.

Makes my chairs and little end table look a little bit pitiful.


I can just imagine the conversations people are having about us…

BlowUpBirdPerson:  “Those poor people have nothing!”

BlowUpBird:  “Squawk.”

BlowUpBirdPerson: ” You’re so right bird! We should take some of our lovely crap and give it to them!”

BlowUpBird: “Squawk!”

I expect to see a Christmas blow up Snowglobe on my lot at any moment.  😉

Honestly, the people we’ve met have been a very friendly bunch, and unlike the last trip here we haven’t had the guy who whistled 24 hours a day on the lot next door.

And unlike the trip two years ago, my attitude is much better.

Heck, I might just miss that blow-up bird.

Wheels rolling on Sunday.

Stay tuned….


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