The RV Series-Postcards from Hell

I have a wicked sense of humor; Irreverent, sometimes crass and unfiltered.   More than once in my life, I’ve had someone remark “Oh! You’re going to hell for that one!”

I’d just like them to know that I’m here and it’s hot but visually lovely.

We left Newport Beach yesterday and drove to Indio California to spend two nights here at the Motorcoach Country Club.    Yesterday the temperature was 103, today it’s 105.   I don’t care what you say, that’s freaking hot.   I can’t even imagine what it must have been like during the last “heat emergency” when it hit 123.

As far as I’m concerned 103 is a heat emergency.   We took a tour of lots for sale this morning at 9:30 and about 10 minutes in the sweat rolling down my forehead had blinded me.   I wanted to scream out “HEEEEEEEAT EMERGENCY, HEAT EMERGENCY! I’M BLIND!”.

I was a little worried we’d be black balled from buying here, so I held my tongue.

However, when my thighs stuck together, and I stuck to the golf cart seat, I may have muttered: “no f’ing wonder these lots are for sale, the owners spontaneously combusted!”.    My head was so wet I was worried my new hair color would run like it does in the shower when I wash my hair.

I’m fairly certain that would have kept us out.   There may be a no blind, swearing, striped people rule.

The place is really beautiful.  The landscaping and build outs on the lots are spectacular.  I’d be very happy living here………..IN DECEMBER.

So, I’m giving the nod to those friends who warned me I’d go to hell.    I promise to behave myself, curb my language and watch what I say.   Hell……um……….heck….I may even take a vow of something or other.

Like I freaking vow to never again come here in July.

Right now I’m going to wring the sweat out of my bra and pry the rest of my clothing out of the places it’s stuck to.  Then I’m going to weigh myself.   If I’ve lost weight from sweating, you can disregard my vow, and you’ll hear me yelling “HELL YES!”.

We leave for Arizona tomorrow.  Tomorrow night we’re stopping for one night in Fort Mcdowell, which I think may be Hell 2-The Arizona Version.  Wednesday we head into the mountains and a little bit cooler temps.

Stay tuned……




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