The RV Series- From the Cactus to the Pines

It was over 100 degrees yesterday when we pulled in to the Eagle View RV Resort in Fort McDowell.

Poor Sweaty Dave had to unhook the jeep and connect the utilities in the beating sun.  A rain storm around 5 pm brought the temperature down a little. The park was very nice, flat, clean and not crowded.  We saw wild horses and free range cattle and we visited the casino where I made my contribution to the local economy.   We were out and on the road by 8 am this morning.  The sun was already causing the heat to radiate off the asphalt.

Our drive to Pinetop Arizona took about 4 hours.   Up a mountain, down a mountain, around a bunch of curves which means I sat in the back so I wouldn’t scare Driving Dave with my gasps.   Dallas the dog manages to sit in the passenger seat and not make those noises.  In fact, he sleeps right through Daves driving.

I think Dave is happy with that arrangement.

As we started up the mountains the temperature started to drop.   When we pulled in to the Hon-Dah RV park in Pinetop it was 80 degrees and now after an afternoon thunder shower, it’s 75 degrees.

Perfect weather.

This park is huge ( 400+ sites) and very rustic. It’s set in a pine forest with very narrow dirt/gravel roads.  We are way in the back in one of the new sections under construction.  It was quite an adventure getting Bella-Bow back here.

In the space of three days, there has been such a stark contrast.   Not only with the weather and temperatures but with the scenery.   Monday I was in a planned and landscaped neighborhood and tonight I’m camping in the woods.


Monday night. Motor Coach Country Club


Wednesday Night, Hon-Dah RV Park


The best part?  My house was in both places.    This life is never boring, that’s for sure.

We’re here through the end of the month.   Tomorrow we’ll meet up with my sister and brother-in-law and do some exploring.

Stay tuned….


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