The RV Series- Ocean Front Property in Arizona

“I got some ocean front property in Arizona.  From my front porch, you can see the sea…” George Straight

Camping on an island wasn’t on my bucket list.    Yesterday I penciled it in just so I could cross it off.

Today is day five here in Pinetop Arizona, parked deep in the piney woods.   The picture below was taken on day one.    There was no rain that day.


It started raining on day two and has rained every day since.

We now have an island site.    Water to the left, water to the right, water behind and in front.   The maintenance people brought a load of lava rock on Friday and Handy Rake Dave spread it outside the door so we wouldn’t have to wade to the car.

They will need to bring more before we leave.    My idea of fun is not sinking forty-six thousand pounds of Bella-Bow up to her eyeballs in mud.

Deep Woods Dave loves it here.

It’s not awful.   There is a casino with a cheap breakfast buffet with decent food.

Oh…and bears.

I haven’t seen one, but the nice casino man said: “Don’t walk your dogs at night….bears”.



Yes, I know, it makes sense.   After all, they do s**t in the woods, and we are in the woods.

Dog Walking Dave doesn’t seem concerned.   I, on the other hand, go out to smoke my last cigarette before it gets dark.   Because it’s really, really, really dark here in the deep piney woods, and bears don’t glow in the dark.

*note to self-invent BEARGLOW*

Seven more days on the unintended island of PineyHideABear.   Should be an adventure.

Stay tuned….









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1 Response to The RV Series- Ocean Front Property in Arizona

  1. Bob warren says:

    Hope the masquitos don”t find you. Wet conditions attract them.

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