The RV Series- Plungers and Polish

Tomorrow we point the wheels in the direction of Las Vegas, with a two night stop in Williams, Arizona, the gateway to the Grand Canyon south rim.

After our rustic stay in the piney woods, where it has rained every single day, I desperately needed a pedicure before my feet show up in the rather chichi park in Las Vegas.

We also needed some automobile stuff, a small stick vacuum, milk, and bread.

Where can you get all that plus get your taxes done, an eye exam, a hearing aid, plastic surgery(probably) and finish with a Big Mac?

FullSizeRender (26)

Yep.   Walmart.

I went to Walmart for a pedicure.

Shopping Dave deposited me at the nail salon and disappeared into the bowels of the giant store.


I picked my color as instructed and sat in the pedicure chair.


Such a relaxing view….

I was done in 20 minutes.  Fastest pedicure I’ve ever had and the Flamingo Pink polish I picked looks more like Capri Coral to me but hey, where else can you hear “Attention WalMart Shoppers! “, watch people check out with ammo, a baby pool, and a toilet plunger while someone is scrubbing your feet?

After paying too much for what I got, I found Dave happily filling the shopping cart with crap.

As we headed to the small stick vacuum aisle, he informed me that he didn’t believe we really needed a stick vac.

I put one in the cart, because, of course, we need one.

About this time, he turned and headed down another aisle.  In my haste to keep up, I ran my newly polished toe into the back of his shoe.


Fortunately, I’d purchased the polish so I could fix it myself.


FullSizeRender (27)

Notice the look on Tara’s face? It’s “WTF? Who takes pictures of their feet?”


I want to note that this wouldn’t have happened pre “adventure.”    I would have gone to my nail salon where I would have sat with my newly polished toes under the toe dryer.

I wouldn’t have had to chase Crazed Cart Dave and his big shoes all over hell in Walmart.

However, our last aisle made everything better, and all was forgiven.


FullSizeRender (28)

Because……it’s hot in Las Vegas

I’ll be a little sad to leave these woods tomorrow.   As I’ve said before, it’s the woods that soothe my soul, and even with the monsoon rains, it’s been a relaxing ten days.

I and my WalMart feet are on to the next adventure.

Stay tuned……









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1 Response to The RV Series- Plungers and Polish

  1. Rick Johnson says:

    When Joan and I RV’d wall mart was out go to stop on the road..just about anything you need and reasonable cost…we are enjoying your blog keep up the good job!

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