The RV Series- Out of the Woods and into the Different.

After we had eaten our last $6.99 buffet breakfast* at the Hon-Dah Casino, we left Pinetop Arizona around 10 am this morning.  Due to the monsoon rains causing road ruts and mud in the park, we were a little concerned about being able to get Bella-BoxOnWheels out of the piney woods, but she made it just fine.

It took us a little over 4 hours to drive to Williams Arizona and the RV park we are in tonight which is most definitely not the piney woods.


In the picture on the right, the raised area behind the sites in front of us is railroad tracks, and where there are tracks, there are trains.  We’ve seen one go by, whistle blowing, wheels clacking, Dallas barking.

Definitely not the quiet piney woods.

But I’m reminded that this whole adventure can be summed up in the word “different”.

A house on wheels moves from place to a different place and allows us to experience so many things all the while having the comfort of the familiar inside.    I have my bed, my bathroom, and my things even though my view from the front window changes from place to place.

What could be better than that?

And this….


Do you see the cloud dragon on the left?   What do you see on the right?   I see something floating on its back in the water ( okay, I see a naked woman, but I’m strange like that…)

Are there things we gave up to live this lifestyle?  Sure there are, but look what we have gained.

We’re blessed to have the opportunity to do “different.”   Even when the conditions aren’t my favorite, there is always something special about each place.

Two nights here and then on to Las Vegas.   Much to decide and tell you about once we get there.

Stay tuned….

* That $6.99 breakfast buffet?   If you factor in what I lost at the casino over the 10 day period, those meals cost us about $69 each.  😉

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