The RV Series-Living Las Vegas

What’s that saying?  Time flys when you’re having fun?  Yeah, that one.

I started writing and couldn’t remember what day we got here.  I had to look at my calendar.


We arrived here at the Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort last Wednesday.  Then Thursday morning, the dogs went to the dog resort and Doesn’tGamble Dave, and I checked in to The Flamingo hotel for three days.   I gambled, Dave shopped, we ate, got massages, I gambled some more, and then we checked out yesterday.

Today, we put an offer in on a lot here in the resort.    After our winter beach bumming in Newport Beach and a spring/summer trip back east, we will do fall and winter 2018 here in Las Vegas.

The lot and Tuscan style open air casita are still under construction, but it really will fulfill almost all of my wish list.

IMG_4235 IMG_4241

So, instead of leaving Las Vegas, I’ll be living Las Vegas.

Living here was never something I wanted.   I enjoyed the anticipation of each trip to Las Vegas, and I was always ready to go home when the trips ended. But as retirees, we need a tax friendly state and Nevada fits that bill.  The thing I like about this motorcoach resort is that once you go through the gates, you can forget that the hotels and casinos are “out there.”   I’ll still make the “vacation” trips to my hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, but instead of flying six hours I’ll be driving just six miles.

I will never have to battle that auto flush toilet in the Albany airport again.

We’re here until the 16th, and then we’re off to start our beach bumming adventure.  I can hardly believe the number of things we’ve done and the changes we’ve made in just a few short months.  It’s been a whirlwind, and I’m not sure my brain has caught up yet.

Maybe it never will, and I’ll have this confused look on my face for the rest of my days.

Stay tuned…..



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