The RV Series- On Blessings in Disguise

As I type this, we are supposed to be motoring our way east.

We had plans to drop the coach in Indiana for some warranty work on the 19th and then drive on to Ohio to spend Thanksgiving and a little time before picking up the coach and coming home.

It was to be nearly a month-long adventure.

A couple of weeks ago, the plans changed and the trip east was postponed until the end of March.

Driving Dave was not too happy at the time.

But right now Driving Dave has the man version of a bad cold.   In other words, he is dying of the plague.

There is no way he could drive a cross-country RV trip feeling as bad as he does.

So, sometimes the crappiest of things turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

The sunny warm weather in Las Vegas is perfect right now.   The weather in the east?  Not so sunny and warm.    I would have hated to miss this.


How many times do we look back and realize that things turned out for the best even though we may have been disappointed at the time?

It’s a good reminder to me to be patient, trust and go with the flow.

Now, to put that into practice with this man-cold….





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