Insomnia and Me- A Weedy Ramble

We moved to Nevada to escape the highs of New York state, namely taxes and snow.

We didn’t know when we moved that Nevada was high too.

But it’s not the taxes or the snow.  It’s the old people.

The old people are high.

On legal marijuana.

For the last several weeks, so many of our new friends have asked the question “been to the dispensary yet?”    Our negative answer would then be met with a tale of the medical benefits of whatever legal weed substance they had tried.

Sleep issues?  Solved.

Pain?  Much better.

Etc, etc., etc.

The sleep issues topic piqued my interest because I’ve suffered from insomnia for years.  I took the prescription drug Ambien to sleep until we moved and I couldn’t get the controlled substance script refilled.   I then tried melatonin, Benedryl and any other product that claimed it could help me sleep.

Nothing worked.

So, last week after another sleepless night,  when I whispered to Dave “go to that dispensary and see what they have for sleep,” he put on his hat and dark glasses ( no fake nose or mustache though) and off he went.

Two hours later he was home; bringing with him a  vape pen and a cartridge containing CBD oil.  He described the dispensary as having security and procedures tighter than Fort Knox.   A good thing, I’m sure.

In sixty-two years, the limited amount of marijuana  I have smoked came from a baggie purchased from someone who got it from someone else.

Not exactly legal and certainly not packaged in a nifty little vape pen.

Last Wednesday we checked in to our favorite hotel on the Las Vegas Strip for a mini getaway, and I decided to try the CBD oil to help me sleep on that first night.

I got out my pen and inhaled twice.  It seemed to have no taste or smell, just a light vapor.   I was a little skeptical.

I was alone in my big bed because due to our screwy body temperature issues, Dave was sleeping in the other bedroom of the suite.  He was in his hotter than the surface of the sun bedroom so I could keep my room at igloo temperature.   The man is agreeable to anything that might help me sleep and I’m sure was just happy to be warm.

After a few minutes, I began to feel something. My lips got a little numb, my body felt heavy, and I thought “Great! Something is finally going to work!”.   I turned off the light and snuggled into the cool white sheets and multiple pillows.

Uh…then I decided someone was in my closet AND I was really hungry.

Should I get up and check? Who could it be?  When did they get in there?  What could they want?

I felt a little anxious, but my last thought was; “I wonder if the ax murderer person in the closet has any Cheetos?’

The next thing I knew the alarm was going off and it was time to get up.

I felt fine, not a bit paranoid and I had no cheesy residue on my fingers.

The old people were right.

It worked.

I’m fairly certain my initial paranoia and hunger were psychosomatic reactions to my preconceived idea of what I was vaping.   CBD oil is not supposed to have those side effects and hasn’t in any of the successive nights I’ve used it.

The good thing is that I’m sleeping, which makes me a nicer person, which makes everyone happy.

Except maybe the people who sell Cheetos.









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