The RV Series-Day 13 on the road- Dead Ducks.

We were supposed to leave Tucson on Sunday May 31st.     We spent a few extra days in the 105 degree heat.    I’d like to say we enjoyed the heat.   We didn’t.    We did enjoy visiting family.

Last night OHD said we’d leave bright and early this morning.   Then he changed his mind and said we’d leave after rush hour.

At that point I lined up my ducks in a nice, neat row  and told them we’d have plenty of time in the morning to wash our hair, smoke and have coffee.    The ducks smiled , knowing exactly what was expected.

Ducks in  a Row

This morning we were up at 5.  I made coffee and headed outside to smoke.

As I came back inside I saw Travel Dave was back, whirling and shooting my ducks.

“We’re UP!!!  Lets’s GO!””

I threw my body in front of the remaining ducks and said “I have things to do”.     This probably sounded like “ahhashingtoda” as I was saying it through gritted teeth.

Travel Dave proceeded to go through the process of unhooking and getting ready to leave while I dressed and put on my  makeup.     I did not get to wash my hair.

Just as I was finishing and getting everything put away he remembered he had a teleconference this morning.

I damn near bit my tongue off but decided to make myself another cup of coffee.

I filled the one  cup pot, put in the k-cup , pushed the button and……………nothing.     I repeated the process and got a few drips but nothing else.    The one cup Keurig pot that I’ve used for 13 days has died and gone to coffee pot hell.

So, no second cup today and my jaw hurts from gritting my teeth.

On the road to Newport Beach California.

Stay tuned and watch the news because I may have him arrested for illegal hunting…..

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