The RV Series- Parked in Newport-A word from BBoW

BBoW has a few more things to say:

My people drove me out of the hot sun on Tuesday.   It was a very long day with some bumpy roads and lots of strange contraptions on the hills.

Wind Farm- Palm Springs

Wind Farm- Palm Springs

I heard them say these were windmills and we were driving through a wind farm.    I just know that it was windy.   I had to concentrate on keeping my wheels on the road .

The redhead didn’t take that photo because she was too busy hanging on and saying things like ” OH MY GAWD STAY ON THE ROAD!!!”      I told you she is a little high-strung.

It looked like there were 4000 of these monsters.   They scared me a bit.

As we got closer to our destination of Newport Beach, we drove in the worst traffic I’ve ever been in.    The redhead closed her eyes but Travel Dave did a good job.

Finally we made it to our home for the next few weeks.    It is cool and comfortable.   I  think I can relax for a bit.


I’m not really level though.   That would be too easy.   Just half a bubble off plumb.   Much like the redhead……

The people are still whispering about that other box on wheels.    They think I can’t hear them.    I’m trying to be good but there are a few problems with some of my stuff.

Here comes the weebly wobbly redhead with her coffee.    I’m going back to sleep.

Stay tuned….

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