The RV Series-Parked in Newport- An Introverts need for SPACE

And………..we’ve hit our first wrinkle, crinkle, bump in the togetherness aspect of the BB0W.

I’ve told you about Travel Dave and Morning Dave and a little about Weeble Wobble Kathy.

Another fun fact about me (alluded to in previous posts)  is that I am an introvert.  I need time alone to recharge and center myself.  For me, constant togetherness without alone time is a ticking time bomb.

The feeling starts at my toes and creeps up my body until the tension threatens to turn me into:

head explosion


Crazy Exploder

More than likely to be the image above which doesn’t bode well for poor Morning Dave or anyone in the general vicinity.

The RV park is very crowded this weekend.  That adds to “the walls are closing in” feeling.

A very wise Morning Dave took himself off to work out and to sit in the hot tub for a bit.    I’m savoring the alone time.

I love that man and have for over 41 years but Weeble Wobble Introvert Kathy and Happy Morning Dave will have to work out a schedule for WWIK  alone time.

I’ve made it 17 days in a Big Box on Wheels with a big smile on my face most of the time.

Pretty miraculous for a high-strung introverted grump.

Stay tuned…..

(Big thanks to my sister Joyce for the topic suggestion.   She knows me well)

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