The RV Series-Parked in Newport – A Drive Down Memory Lane

We lived in California in 1989 or some year around 1989.  We moved so much that the years and places just blend together for  me.

To give an example… on our drive I was reminiscing about a swim club we belonged to and pointed to the road I thought it was on……

Elephant Memory Dave reminded me that the swim club was in an entirely different state.

Uh huh.  So I think it was around 1989 when we moved to California but don’t hold me to that.

This morning we drove past the house we lived in for a few years.    It looks much the same except the trees we put in are huge.

Which I guess would happen considering they are about 26 years old.

Old House

Just saying that it has been 26 years is a little freaky.   No wonder I don’t remember.

In the 26 (or so give or take) years since we moved to that little house in Mission Viejo the population has increased by about two million percent (ok I don’t really know but traffic was terrible!).

I got tense and irritable just riding in the car.     I’m sure some of you  (Dave) are thinking “how is that any different from normal?” but trust me it was.

It was a great reminder that ,although the weather is wonderful here and my Sunny girl and her parents are here ,  I don’t want to live here.   That whole “nice place to visit” thing.

I am looking forward to my 10 minute drive to work and some wide open space at home.

Tomorrow is our last day here and will include some trip preparation as well as our last visit with the kids and precious Sunny.

I’m going to take a bunch of pictures so that I will remember what year it was when I look at them in the future ( next week).

We still haven’t decided which route to take home.   I think we both are secretly hoping that a black hole will swallow us here and spit us out right in front of our house in New York.   Going on a trip is always more fun than coming home from one.

Hoping for a smooth trip but also some great material to write about.   Hope those aren’t mutually exclusive…

Stay tuned….

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