The RV Series-Last Day in Newport- GiGi says goodbye- A post in three parts

Part One


The day is here.

The day we have to say goodbye to precious Sunny and to our (also precious)  son and daughter-in-law.

Tears are very close to the surface which is an uncomfortable thing for most of the Kathy’s.

I’m starting this post before we head over for a visit.   We’ll make two visits today because Squeegee Dave arranged to have the RV washed at 3:30 and wants to be here to make sure every speck of dirt, tree sap and leftover bug guts comes off.    He is out checking tire pressure, putting chairs away  and generally organizing the stuff out there to pack underneath.    Since we have no blow up hot tub to drain, no tents to fold, no Christmas lights to take down and no golf cart the process shouldn’t take too long.  I asked him to leave the privacy fence up until tomorrow morning because…..well….dammit I need my privacy until the very last minute.

Last night I got a glimpse of Travel Dave.    We made the decision to leave around 10 am tomorrow in order to miss the morning work traffic.   As we were discussing it Travel Dave’s voice said “WE COULD LEAVE AT 5 AM AND MISS IT ” .     A mental picture of me weeble wobbling, nicotine deprived and mean popped into my head.    I shook my head no because I didn’t trust myself to sweetly say the word….

Part two

I got some good snuggles in this afternoon.

Sunny6242015  Gigi says goodbye

Knowing that I would see her later, I almost managed to hold back the tears.   Almost.

On the way back we stopped to get groceries for the trip.    Shopping Dave went to the deli and Hates to Shop Kathy raced through the rest of the list like a formula one race driver. We managed to get to the checkout at exactly the same time.   I won, I had more items.

We got back to the RV park to discover that the RV Washing People were already here washing and that Tarra had turned on the headlights while we were gone.    We opened the door to hear a loud alarm going off (which must happen when you leave your lights on).     It is a good thing we are leaving tomorrow because given a few more days she would probably learn to start the motor and drive away.

Tarra Driving2

Part Three

Our last visit……………

Sidewalk Ends                     GiGi PopPop Sunny

Sunny gave us a parting gift by staying awake and alert for almost the entire time.   We got to go on a nice family walk to where the sidewalk ends……..

Then it was time to say goodbye.   Unfortunately Detached Kathy did not show up for this moment and the tears poured.

Leaving my baby , no matter how old he gets, is always hard.  Leaving my baby and his baby is ….well…I can’t even find the words.

I know we’ll be back.   I know I’ll see them again soon, but not tomorrow ……..

Tomorrow Travel Dave and the High Strung Redhead put the trip in reverse.

Stay tuned…..

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