Filbert Frog-The Cynical Adult Version


Filbert Frog was a nasty frog.

He sat on his lily pad all day eating bugs and getting fat.

He thought himself to be King of the Pond and would croak loudly when a gold fish got close.

One day a pretty little fish named Agnes swam right up to the lily pad and stared at Filbert.

“Go away fish! This is my pond! ”  Filbert growled.

“I was just going to tell you about the Her…”  Agnes didn’t get to finish her sentence because Filbert croaked loudly and scared her away.

It was Filberts last croak.

The Great Blue Heron that Agnes had wanted to warn him about snatched him up and ate him.

Agnes and her friends could be seen flipping their fishy version of a middle finger….their little gold tails.

Fuck you Filbert.

The moral of the story?  Who cares.

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