Sally Sparrow – A Feeder Fable- Being Special





Sally was a little brown sparrow.

That is how she felt.  Small and brown.

Sally wanted to stand out.   She wanted to be special.

Each morning she would get up before the others in her flock and practice her little song.

Each morning her song would wake the other sparrows and they would begin to sing too.

Sally knew there were better singers than she; so feeling defeated, she would stop.

One day Sage Sparrow, the oldest and wisest of the flock noticed that Sally had stopped singing.

“Why have you stopped singing Sally?” asked Sage

“I’m not good enough.  It doesn’t matter if I sing, nobody wants to listen, the others songs are better than mine.” Sally said sadly.

Sage Sparrow said  “Sally, some birds sing better than others but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sing.   Some birds fly higher than others but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fly.  There are birds with more colorful feathers but that doesn’t mean yours aren’t beautiful too.    We are each unique and beautiful in our own way.

“But I want to be special” said Sally.

After a moment Sage Sparrow spoke :  ” Sally, each of us has something special within. But first you must believe that you are special.  Believing will give you the courage to find and share your talents with the world.    Sharing those talents will make you more special each day.”

Sally made up her mind to sing and sing she did.   Day after day she sang and as she did her song got more beautiful.

Sally believed she was special and so she was.

Moral of the story:   There will always be someone who is better at doing something than we think we are.   We must first believe we have something special to share , find it and then share it.   In doing that we hone our talent and our self-esteem.

*Note:   For each little rated G fable I write there will be the cynical adult version posted under the Cynical Adult Fable tab.

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