Thunderstorm! by Jock the Dog

Jock Thunderstorm


Oh my god! Thunder!

Wake up wake up!

Don’t you hear it?

Why aren’t you getting up?

Let me throw my body at your bed over and over…

Pay attention!

Nobody is listening!

I’ll run into the bathroom and hide.


Now what?

I’ll stand on this tiny rug.

Dammit the thunder is in here too!   I’ll make a run for it.

Why would you put that table there?

Get up!!!

Oh My God!  Lightening AND thunder.

It is the end of the world.  Armageddon!

No , I don’t know what midnight is.   I’m a dog.  I can’t tell time!

(except 3 pm is cookie time, 5 pm is dinner time and 7 pm is cookie time again).

Why are you asking me that?  GET UP!!

Let me squeeze myself between the bed and the nightstand.

Why are things falling on me?

No I don’t know what a phone charger cord is, I’m a dog.

Get up!!!

We all need to run in circles and pant!

Panting is supposed to make it better.

It isn’t helping!

Get Up!

Oh……..wait…….. it seems to be quieter now.

I’ll lay by the door.

Why are you turning on the light?

Can’t you see it is dark?  Time to sleep now.

Humans.  Geez .   This one must have her days and nights mixed up.

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