A Flash of Brilliance amid an Ambien Haze

I’ve been having a discussion with a group of creative people about writing process.

I asked the group whether they wait for a flash of brilliance or if they sit down in a disciplined way, pick a topic and just write.

I’m more the flashy type.

But sometimes that flash happens in the middle of the night.

After I’ve taken an Ambien to sleep.

If you know or have read anything about Ambien then you know getting out of bed after taking one can lead to sleep driving, sleep eating, sleep sex  and I suppose a host of other activities that a person might not remember the next morning.    I can officially add “sleep blogging” to that list.

A few days ago, during a middle of the night thunderstorm , I was awakened by the dog throwing himself at the bed, panting and whining.

In an Ambien haze, I drifted in and out of sleep.   Aha, a flash of brilliance! (Not to be confused with a “Flash of Hot”)

The idea of a blog post written by the dog seemed perfect.    I sat up, got my iPad and logged in to my blog.

That is all I remember.

The idea was still fresh in my mind the next morning so I logged back in and looked at my middle of the night draft.

The first line said something like :  Thunderous? wakeeee up! O me godd wake up .

Jock was speaking like he was an actor in a medieval play.

I know he is a dog and doesn’t really speak but if he did it wouldn’t be in whatever language that was.

I quickly checked to make sure I hadn’t hit the publish button the night before and sent that draft to the trash.  In hindsight, it might have been funnier to keep it.

I think I’ll just keep a pen and paper on the nightstand from now on.   Much safer that way.

I do I think I’ll go google to see if there is a “Sleep Reading ” side effect.   If so there might be a niche for Ambien Haze Blogging.

Ambien Haze


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