Google Gone Wild or What the Hell does that have to do with What I Searched?

Sometimes I start writing one post and end up with something entirely different.

This is one of those.

Last night I went to Google to search an image for a post I was working on.

Apparently I’m not to be trusted with Google because Norton Safe Search has commandeered my Google search and shows me only what they deem “safe”.

The problem is that most of the time those “safe”  search results make no sense at all.

I searched for images of  “Hamster Wheel Mind” .

I got this:

guys riding toilets

Strange Men riding toilets

I guess this is what happens in a hamster wheel mind.  Strange men ride toilets.

I don’t think I’ll use “hamster wheel mind” to describe my brain anymore.   I don’t like the thought of guys riding toilets in there.

Though it might explain some shitty writing….

I googled “shitty writing”  and got this:

Shitty writing


I don’t even know what to say about that.

Maybe someone is trying to tell me that Norton Safe Search needs to be flushed or sleep with the fishes.

I used my mad ninja computer skills to get around the road block and straight to unfiltered Google.  ( Okay, I used a different computer but imagining myself with mad computer skills made me smile for half a second)

When I google “Shitty writing”  I want a page full of this kind of thing:

Shittier writing


There is nothing like a good Google search to kick-start the creativity or make you wonder what the hell you are looking at (leading to further google searches) .

This may or may not be a first draft.    If you think the toilet guys had a part in writing it, then it is a first draft.


Flush it.



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2 Responses to Google Gone Wild or What the Hell does that have to do with What I Searched?

  1. tyoneonit says:

    Oh my gawd women, you don’t know nothin. The first image was made popular as it illustrates the Hamster Wheel Brain Effect first theorized by noted Harvard research associate John Hamster during his research of circular thinking that ends up when the brain finally flushes the thought down it’s internal drain synapse connections. The second one simply is the metaphorical statement of give the shitty writing assigment up and go fishing.

  2. OMG! Thank you for the laugh this morning.

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