I mentioned in a previous blog post about The Great Donut tour 2015.

Having been left with a few fluffy body parts, I now have a love /hate relationship with shape wear.

This morning’s dressing process included Spanx, a shape wear cami, and a nice stretchy tank over that.    This was all under my maxi skirt and top.     A base layer of things designed to “suck it all in”.

Sometimes I  think that all these layers just might make me look larger (see picture below). But, these pieces make me feel less bumpy so I wear them.


This morning as I was layering it dawned on me( probably because the Spanx were pushing the blood to my brain)  that most people are just like my outfit.

Many different layers.

There is the outside that everyone sees, the mostly put together image we present to the world.

There is the under layer that helps hold us together and make us smooth.

At the heart of  us are the lumps, bumps and the real that truly make us who we are.

Not everyone gets to see the heart layer,  those lumps and bumps and the real.   Just the most trusted and loved people, the ones we know won’t judge or hurt us.

The under layer of ourselves, the personality shape wear is shared with the people we interact with daily on a personal level  ( close coworkers and friends) .   ( Not that I share my actual shape wear with these people, I don’t think I’d have employees or many friends if I did,  but you get the idea ).  These people are familiar,  know us  and so we let them see a little of what makes us tick.

The mostly put together outer layer, the image and  somewhat guarded personality, is the picture we present each day to the world.   People look and see whatever they want to see.   They don’t know what is under that top layer.   They may never know what is underneath or what it took or takes us each day to present  both the emotional and the physical image.

Whew!  That is quite enough thinking for me.

I need to sit up straight so I can breathe and let the blood drain from my brain.

I sure hope none of this stretchy stuff gives way today.

The resulting reverberation and ricochet might be devastating to anyone in my general vicinity.



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