Thoughts on Friends and Poo

We all need a good friend who will help us fool the world into believing our poo smells like roses.

Or in this case, “Vanilla Mint”.

note and poo pourri poo pourri

My friend Jill is that kind of friend.   The kind who wants to make sure I put my best……uh…….foot forward.

The mail came late yesterday so I didn’t get it until I was leaving for work this morning. I was surprised to see a little box from Seattle in among the bills and junk mail and I was excited to get to work so I could open it ( the words excited and work are not usually used in the same sentence so it was already a banner day ).  I also noticed that the box smelled really good, almost like a mixture of peppermint patty and vanilla latte.   Yum!

I laughed out loud as I opened it,read Jills note and saw the gift.   She was right, it is perfect blog fodder.

Now when someone accuses me of thinking my s**t doesn’t stink I can smile sweetly, put my nose in the air and say “No, it doesn’t.  It smells like vanilla mint!  So there…..You twit.”

The gift raised my curiosity so I googled to see how many other scents of Poo-Pourri are offered.

Eleven.   Eleven different ways to make your poo smell better.  The following are the actual scents listed on the Poo-Pourri website.   The commentary is mine.

Original Citrus-eh…so what, everything smells like citrus.  Well…maybe not everything..maybe not poo…so …ok.

Call of the Wild ( wild ruby red grapefruit)- Just in case when nature calls you want to poo in a grove of trees in Florida.

Deja Poo-( white flowers and citrus)- I’ve smelled this before.

Juniper Woods (juniper-eucalyptus-citrus)- Does a bear s**t in the woods?  If the bear uses this we’ll never know.

Lavender Vanilla ( lavender- vanilla and citrus)-   Old lady smell covers a multitude of sins.

Poo LaLa (peony-rose-citrus)- You’ll do the can-can in the can.

Rose Geranium- (rose geranium -citrus)- Close your eyes and you’re transported to a summer garden.   Open your eyes and you’re right back in the office bathroom, but it smells better.

Royal Flush-(Eucalyptus -spearmint)- JackPOT in the potty that now smells like chewing gum.

Trap-A-Crap- (cedarwood-citrus)-  Smells like grandma’s hope chest and as a bonus you’ll never have moths in your bathroom.

Vanilla Mint- (vanilla-mint-citrus)- Like s**ting in the middle of an ice cream store.

Looking at the Poo-Pourri website, I was left laughing and amazed at the marketing of a product that anyone with a working nose might find indispensable.  The product is selling which means people are acknowledging the fact that their s**t does indeed stink.

This has left me with renewed hope for our world and restored my faith in humanity. (Okay, Okay, that’s a stretch, but I do have renewed hope for the office bathroom)

Thanks Jill. 🙂






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