Have a nice day? Sorry, I have other plans

So, about that nice day, um…yeah… happy Monday.

We all have “those” days when we have to fake happy, those days when things just don’t fall into their intended slots or when every little thing seems to go wrong.   Those days happen in our lives, and we have a choice to make.   We can face them head on or hide under the blankets. This morning I considered staying under those blankets, but it was too damn hot under there.   I thought just facing the day would be cooler, so I put on my happy face.

I drew my happy face on with makeup like a clown.

When I got to work, my first stop was our buildings second-floor restroom.   I used my key to get in the door, and as it opened, I was hit with a rush of hot air.  The heat was on high, and the room felt like I had just stepped into a blast furnace.

I came back to my office and sent the following note to building maintenance:

Dear Maintenance,

Please turn the heat off in the ladies restroom.    If I were curing pottery, melting steel, or making glass it would be the perfect environment. However, I am doing none of those things while in there.

Thanking you in advance.



Anyway, the clown makeup smile was all melty after my visit to the blast furnace and the day had just started. It is hard to fake happy when your smile has melted onto your chin, and you look like you are making a “drunk makeup” how to video.

I decided to step it up a bit and started humming Bob Marley’s Every Little Thing Gonna Be All Right. This song never fails to perk me up when I hear it.

After all, no matter what, here I was in my nice cool office with a giant cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee, a frosted croissant, and a happy song. Melty face or not I was going to make the best of this day.   I began counting my many blessings while humming and swiveling in my chair.

Then I choked on my coffee.   Who knew counting, humming,drinking and swiveling at the same time was impossible?


I left work a little early.    The best part of a not so good day is that we get a second chance day tomorrow.

Tonight I’m going to turn the air conditioning on to the “Freeze Me” setting, burrow under those blankets and just chalk it up as one of those days.

Tomorrow is another day and every little thing gonna be all right.

Sing it Bob.





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