Jock the Dog-Hello from the Other Side

Hi everyone, yes, it’s me, Jock the dog.

I needed to tell you one last thing, so I’m using my persons’ fingers to type this important message from the “other side.”  She was a little surprised and asked me if this means she is a medium now.  I told her not to worry because, in my eyes, she will always be a small.

Here is what I need to tell you:

This place is great!

Before I left, I was so sick, and couldn’t walk at all, but when I got here, I could run!   All my legs are working, and nothing hurts.

There are so many dogs here, and they are all friendly!  Nobody is trying to knock me over or boss me around.  I guess once a dog crosses over they can no longer act like an a**hole, which is great news for Dallas …

There are bones and toys and treats.  There is a big ice machine that gives me all the ice cubes I want.  There is cheese!

Chase, Sadie, Buffy, and Bela were here to greet me. Even though we’d never met,  I knew them because of the thread.    All the animals here have a  forever thread that links us to the hearts, souls, and minds of those who love us.   I’ve met some new friends too; friends who are linked to people my person loves.

I can feel that my person is sad and misses me.  I told her that she might not see me, but in the quiet, she will know I am still with her.  (Also, when she gets ice from the ice machine. That’s not so quiet, but it was my favorite non-person thing.)

I had the best physical life and the best people.  I was happy and loved there, and I’m happy and loved here too.   What more could a dog ever ask?

Someday, we’ll all be together again.   Until then, tell Dallas it’s okay that he is sleeping on my blanket ( I peed on it but he doesn’t need to know that).

Bye for now, I’ll see you on the other side!

Peace and Love,

Jock, a happy, healthy boy once again

dog paw print

P.S.    I will not miss that big blue duffle bag or thunder.


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