‘Twas A Dark and Stormy Limerick ( Limerick-ish)

‘Twas a dark and stormy night

the kind that gives a fright

The winds were whippin’

shadows skippin’

and nary a bit of light


A knock came at the door

a kind unheard before

A rattle and bang,

a frightening clang

and I was scared,  for sure


Through blinds, I peered between,

a shadow could be seen

Behind the door outlined

a beastie of some kind

’twas an eerie  Halloween


All at once the door blew in

the beastie gave a grin

Said “trick or treat”

without missing a beat

I jumped out of my skin


In the blink of an eye and a flash

the beastie removed his mask

Said “sorry for the fright”

as he stepped into the light

I realized my nerves had been rash


For there stood the boy next door

a kid of seven and four

Filled his bag with some sweets

pointed him back to the street

and I was scared no more


The lesson these words do spin

though on this day the veil is thin

Dark and stormy may be the night

there’s really no need for fright

The real beastie is the fear within





















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