Sally Sparrow- The Cynical Adult Version


Sally Sparrow was nothing special.   Small and brown.

Sally like to sing but couldn’t sing as well as the other birds.

One day she went to see Sage Sparrow, the oldest and wisest bird in the flock.

“Sage, I can’t sing as well as the other birds.  I’m not as beautiful as the other birds.  I want to be special and I’m not”

Sage thought for a moment and then spoke:

“You’re right Sally.   You’re butt ugly and your singing sucks. The other birds sing better than you do.  You’ll never measure up.  You should never sing again and here is a tiny paper bag for your head.”

Moral of the story:    When you’re small , ugly and can’t sing, don’t ask for Sage advice.  He is an asshole.

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