Chester Chipmunk and the Lost Nuts- Cynical adult Version


Chester Chipmunk fancied himself to be the chipper community Lothario.

He spent most of each day making eyes at all the chippy girls and most of his nights making chipper whoopee.

He bragged to his friends of his conquests and the many children he had scattered over the burrows.

Lorena Chipmunk, the matriarch of the community would shake her head and warn the young girls about Chester.

Chester heard of Lorenas warnings and came to see her, thinking he could charm her into spending time with him too.

Lorena invited Chester in and invited him to sit in her one good chair. Chester, feeling full of himself, sat right down.

That is how Chester lost his nuts.

Lorena Chipmunk had put a fan under her good chair and as Chester sat down she turned it on.

Chester would be singing soprano in the Chippy Choir from now on.

Moral of the story: Visiting Lorena means  you’re ( and your) nuts.

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