Ho, Ho, No- Part Two

Last week I wrote about the magic of Christmas coming just a little too early.

Yesterday my mailbox was filled with catalogs.

Catalogs for ham or candy and cookies, catalogs for Christmas greenery by mail ( Yes, sure!  ship me that 12ft Balsam Fir!) as well as the usual clothing catalogs.

I tossed them all into the recycle pile but as I did I noticed a smiling picture of Santa on the Vermont Country Store catalog.   Not only Santa but what appears to be Kermit the Frog singing a Christmas carol ( or doing an Ethel Merman on Broadway impression) .      It was impossible not to do a double take.

Vermont Country Store 2

The Vermont Country Store catalog has always been one of my favorites to page through so even though I’m resisting early Christmas I picked it up.

They carry hard to find “I remember when” things.    Who could forget these?

Bozo Gumby and Pokey

They carry cosmetics I used in high school, Tangee, Max Factor and Tabu.

I didn’t know these were still being manufactured.   Maybe they aren’t, maybe this is 45-year-old stock being stored in an underground Vermont Country Store bunker.


There isn’t another catalog that comes to my house where I can buy one of these creepy Kooky Kit-Cat clocks with eyes that follow me everywhere.

Kitty Kat Clock

Even though I didn’t feel the urge to order anything and  added the catalog back to the recycle pile,I might dig it out tonight.   I just can’t seem to get one particular item off my mind…..


The description guarantees sweet dreams if I buy the Granny Gown and matching Sleep Cap.   I’m sure it’s worth whatever price they are selling it for.

I think the description might need to be updated to read :

Don’t feel like sharing your bed tonight?  Our Granny Gown and matching Sleep Cap acts like an invisible force field and guarantees you a good nights sleep.  Alone.

Christmas magic?   Maybe.

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