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The RV Series-BBoW goes to the Hospital

BBoW speaks……….      Hi everyone,  I’ve been a little sick and nobody in the local hospital could figure out what was wrong with me.  I heard the redhead say the doctors there aren’t very good.  She used those bad … Continue reading

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RBF? There is nothing NEW about that

RBF. Resting Bitch Face. Suddenly, the term is being used as the newest buzz phrase.  The entertainment shows on television show pictures of celebrities who look as if they might be mad when their face is at rest as if this … Continue reading

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That’s Just Not Funny ! or Are you Missing the HAHA-1 Gene?

I’ve often used the phrase “born without a humor gene” to describe people who just don’t seem to get any type of humor but I had never really considered there might actually BE a humor gene. Guess what?   There … Continue reading

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PC Paranoia

Political Correctness.   For the record, I hate the term but it works for this post . Defined loosely as inoffensive or nondiscriminatory language. The problem? Everything will offend someone. Picking a subject to write about is like sprinting through … Continue reading

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Fast and LOUD Talkers

Do you know anyone who talks like this? Hello!mynameisfasttalkerandIdon’tbreathe! or like this? HI! CAN YOU HEAR ME? or hardest of all for me: HELLOMYNAMEISFASTANDLOUDTALKERCANYOUHEARME? The fast and loud talker. The FALker. (The word Falker according to the Urban Dictionary can … Continue reading

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Google Gone Wild or What the Hell does that have to do with What I Searched?

Sometimes I start writing one post and end up with something entirely different. This is one of those. Last night I went to Google to search an image for a post I was working on. Apparently I’m not to be … Continue reading

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A Flash of Brilliance amid an Ambien Haze

I’ve been having a discussion with a group of creative people about writing process. I asked the group whether they wait for a flash of brilliance or if they sit down in a disciplined way, pick a topic and just … Continue reading

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Thunderstorm! by Jock the Dog

Thunder? Oh my god! Thunder! Wake up wake up! Don’t you hear it? Why aren’t you getting up? Let me throw my body at your bed over and over… Pay attention! Nobody is listening! I’ll run into the bathroom and … Continue reading

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Once in a Blue Moon

“Once in a Blue Moon” is a saying that means “not very often”. By definition, a blue moon is the second full moon to occur in a single calendar month. On average it happens about once every two and a … Continue reading

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